My WD Spins for 30 Seconds and Stops

Friends I’ve a WD10EARS HDD Caviar Green. I have problem in the BIOS Chip and driver circuit in my HDD so I purchased the new PCB from market. Now, I’ve changed the PCB but HDD spins for 30 seconds and stops. It comes in my “Device manager” but not in “My Computer” what could be the possible way to retrive the data? Is it the possible to change the BIOS chip? Can I get the firmware for my HDD? Please help me guys I am stucked in this situation. Looking forward for solution.

If this is your board …

… then you need to transfer the 8-pin chip at U12, or its contents, from patient to donor. This chip stores unique, drive specific “adaptive” information.

What was actually wrong with the original board?

BTW, the following PCB suppliers include a free transfer service: