My WD passport ultra is only detecting to few computers


My passport ultra External HD behaving kind of weird since the day i purchased it. However, it was working fine to my laptop where i needed the most so i didnt raise the issue earlier.

Now, i am releiving the existing laptop and bought a new one but i dont know why the Passport Ultra HD is not detecting to my new laptop. Also, This only gets detected to very few laptops not sure whats the reason behind it.

Could someone help me please with this regard. i need to releive my earlier laptop but before that i want my passport Ulta External HD to be detected to the other laptops or new laptop which is not happening right now.

what could be the reason. One additional thing as in information is that the lights and rotatory disk sound in External HD is visible during the new laptop connection with HD. however, no actual detection within the laptop

Welcome to the Community.

If this behavior is consistent between different computer systems then it’s possible your hard drive is unfortunately not working properly. Have you tried changing USB cables? Did you run a diagnostic test on your unit? On the other hand, is the hard drive detected within Windows Disk Management on the new computer?