My WD Passport Ultra is not recognized with the system

I am writing this as have lost hope with WD, the service provided is very bad by the WD.
I bought the above mentioned device in October 2013 and used it once at that time and then again tried to take some back up in the year around same month in 2015 and the device did not function.
As first step i called up call center to get the status check and then after repeated followup for more than 30 days and multiple promises in between i get the response that i need to get this device replaced.
It is very annoying why do you commit if you can’t do the things.
All my data is gone, my device is defunct and you guys are conveniently asking me to get a refurbished device.
I am not at fault then too i am made to get a second hand or serviced device by paying Rs. 6000/- this is very annoying and i will make it a point that i dont buy any product of WD any more in my life and will never suggest anyone to do so.


join the club… my SECOND 2T Ultra just went tats up… SECOND IN 6 MONTHS!!!