My WD passport is not opening

My HD is 2 month old, i even rarly move it out of place,

today i tried to connect it nothing shows or Auto-run, even though it’s detected on device manager and for the disk managment it detect my hd but it gives me a msg says i have to initialize my hd so it can access it using either MBR ot GPT, and after using any it gives an error " the request couldnt be performed because of an I/O device error "

I have tried to update SES drivers, my led is blinking always, the hd spins only when 1st connected then goes idle, there’s any way to fix that?

EDIT: also i have tried to uninstall/reinstall through device manager, but in vain, connected it to my bros laptop it gave the same exact symptoms

  1. You need a new cable

  2. The port from the drive is broken.

I/O error is input ouput error.