My WD Passport Essential SE - Problem with MAC

Yesterday I installed WD to my macbook and today I tried to back up files.  I"m getting a weird “Info” message with a yellow triangle.  I can not run the backup . . . Don’t know what to do. Macbook OS X 10.5.8 . . . is this compatible with the passport? Do I need to buy a passport that is specific to MAC? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you,

sad WD user

Hi there and welcome to the community.

It’s an issue with the FS, it needs to be formatted to allow it to work… And depending on what you would like to do then you’ll have to apply a specific FS or install additional software to your computer…

THANK YOU! I"m having such a hard time with this . . . very new to me.  I’m headed out to the gym and will pick this back up in a couple of hours or i’ll be trapped behind my computer for the rest of this beautiful day.  (I’m in S. California) - Sincerely - thank you for responding . . . I’ll drop you a line when I get back.

Thanks Pizza Guy! - conduitd

Does FS mean Firmware?  I update latest version I think . . .

That would be File System (Or format).

Yeah, i’m getting the same warning and will not back-up. Everything else works as it should, it can count the files, movies, pics, ect, tell how many meg and gigs. Gone through all the setting twice. What other software? PDF Manual is different from the “My Passport Essential SE”. Getting ticked off.