My WD Passport 1TB problem

Hi there,

I just purchase 2 unit of 1TB My WD Passport external drive. Both I connect it to 3.0 USB port of my laptop. But when I see at computer management setting, one of my WD passport shows online and another one shows offline with this message "Offline ( The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online) ".

I don’t understand what is this error message means about as my both 2 unit Transcend external drive when both connect to USB port 3.0 both can detect and I can use both also without problem.

Please help how do I configure my both 2 unit of 1TB My WD Passport external to running at the same time. 


A signature collision issue can be easily solved.

Sometime you only need to right click and select online for that drive.

Other times is required to assign a different drive letter since the second drive is trying to use a letter that has been taken already by another unit. 

There are multiple threads on the community that talk about the same Windows issue.