MY Wd offline

Hi everyone, I’ve had a problem for a few days, my wd appears to be disconnected, the internet hasn’t undergone any changes or any problems, and now I’ve been trying to wipe it from the factory and it’s actually not found on the network, it tells me that the wd is not connected to the internet the led is permanently lit, only if I unplug it and hold down the RR button behind it, it lights up and goes out quickly. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks!


I have same issue “Device is Offline”, and WD Support team cannot support me , and they advice me to " purchase a new device"!!!
I want to know what about Data ??? it’s lost or What ?

I just want my data taken off the drive and then throw it away.

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You could potentially try to buy a HDD enclosure and take the one from WD and see if you can access your files. Sometimes the encryption can hold and you’d need a WD enclosure, in which you can just swap the hard drives and access it from the new device.


Dear Sir

Thank you for your reply,
Yes, I have tried to use HDD as external HDD, I can see WD HDD Under Disk Manager (with Unknown format), but can’t see it under Windows Devices and Drivers.

For your information Local Dity. in my country (Egypt) doesn’t have just enclosure to sell it , so I would like to decryption my HDD to get out my data from it .

thank you for your advice , but I cannot trust WD any more .

So do you have any solution to decryption HDD?

Have you tried contacting WD Support to see if they’d decrypt it for you and send you back a HDD with your files? Worth a try?

The only other solution I found Googling was a Linux utility that emulated the hardware of WD that let you get access. I do NOT have experience with that so caution there. An additional safety measure could be to clone the HDD and try it on that first if you have a spare.

Best of Luck.



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