My WD Mycloud taking a lifetime to move files

Hi all
Can anyone please help. Firstly I am using a Mac so should I reformat the drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and if so would this make it quicker to read by enternal android deveise (Tablets, phones) and the Mac. What is the best way to add files to the drive at the moment I am connect tthrough an ethernet cable but it takes an age to even see the files on the WD MyCloud let alone add new files, is there a quicker way?
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How are you determine its taking “ages” to see the My Cloud and I assume transfer files? What program (Finder?) are you using to copy files or view the My Cloud? What sort of through put/speed testing have you done? Are using Gigabit networking both on your network router and on the Mac and is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router?

Hi Benner

Firstly thanks for helping a Newbie :slight_smile: with regards to WD MyCloud. Firstly I am having problems just getting into my WD MyCloud. I have the WD MyCloud connected to an ethernet slot in my BT Router. I can get the Browser widget up on firefox which gives me capacity shares etc. I use a Mac and have been transferring files thru the finder. I have added a folder named Photos. I have added a subfolder (EG: Photos/Family) but when I click on the subfolder “Family” to view earlier added files I just have the spinning ball forever. It never gets to show the subfolder contents so I cannot add or see any files.
Could you possibly suggest the best way to add files all i want to do is set up the WD MyCloud to view photos from my Galaxy phone. I have about 22000 jpgs I wish to put on and about 500 videos. Getting very frustrated so I thank you for your patience and of course any advice.

I do have a Netgear gigabit switch which I could use if required.
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No, you should not.

The MyCloud is not a simple HDD, under the Apple’s file system.

It is a NAS; a computer running a file server, which uses its own file system (that the Mac does not see directly), providing file access via a file server protocol.

You cannot reformat the MyCloud’s HDD, because the Mac does not see it directly.