My WD MyCloud does not go to sleep

It has been very long time, the MyCloud does not go to sleep. I use it once a week or a few weeks. My Setup is enable the sleep. any other reason it does not sleep?

The sleep problems with the single bay My Cloud is well discussed. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find the many discussion on this particular problem and some potential workarounds that may (or may not) help.


If it does not go to sleep at all, it could be because a lot of new data is being “scanned” for reference: think thumbnails, DLNA database etc.

There is a chance, it does but for a while only to wake up after a while: it’s a problem everyone has and noone at WD can or wants to solve.

Some posted “solutions” to that problem. And again, and again, and again - because there is NO solution to it, apparently. Some process will always wake it up.

I keep mine running 24/7 - if not abused, it should last for a long time.