My WD Mybook Live 2 TB is dead?

I’ve had a 2 TB Mybook Live for the last two years, and I was so pleased that I bought another 3 TB drive.

I started copying the files over the network, but after two days of copying about 400 GB (it’s slow…) , the 2 TB device would start to hang. I didn’t worry too much, and just rebooted my computer, and the WD device.

After a few times of this, it seems my 2TB WD device is dead :frowning:

About 10 seconds after turning the device on, the front led (which starts with blue) turns to red, and stays red.

Strangely, the disk sounds like it’s still spinning and seeking, even after the red light.

The device also no longer answers pings or (obviously) show the web interface. The network is fine - I didn’t change anything in it, and the back leds are green (one constant green, the other flashing once in a while in green).

Do I have any hope to ever see my 2 TB of files again? :frowning:

And to think I lost my files *because* I wanted to back them up to a new device :frowning:

The reboots (if you unplug power) might had cause it. For future needs, if you ever need to copy one NAS to another, either use safepoints, or rsync/ftp commands. 400GB should not take 2 days, however, most people will copy the files via the PC/laptop. If you do that, the info will flow as follows:

NAS1 -> PC -> NAS2, instead of NAS1 -> NAS2.

Another option:

To get the data and possible fix MBL, take a look at this guide. Warning: It will void the warranty.