My WD My Passport is zero!

sorry for my bad english… I use WD My passport essential 500GB

last friday, i tried to install a camera driver into my pc and I didnt plug out my ext. WD HD. It kept disconnect and connect several times and made some ticking sound. So I plug out my ext. WD HD.

and the next day, when I tried to use my ext  HD, suddenly nothing was there. The drive that I used and always stated as

my passport j:/

but now, it stated local disk j:/ with nothing inside.

I right clicked on it and it shows used/free space as 0 and file system is RAW.

I tried to check it on computer management > disk management, nothing is there but I can format it.

The problem thing is, if I format it, will it be possible for me to retrieve ALL my data? including flv., psd., ppt, pptx, jpeg, and so on???

Is there another way for me by not formatting it?

If you format the drive you loose everything. It sounds like the drive is corrupt. See if this EaseUS Disk Wizzard will fix it. Or try and recover files with Recuva . If they don’t work there is a last ditch thing to try.


I have installed easeus data recovery wizard…

i’m shivering!

they didnt detect the ext. WD!!!

any ideas?

I dont mind to buy another trustworthy ext HDD… but, what about a data inside?

I don’t know how important that data is to you, but this is something that I would recommend to anyone who is stuck with same problem. Keep your ear do the drive while you plug it into USB port. If it starts spinning, and clicks few times then stops or continuously keeps clicking = turn it off and DON’T power it on again. 99% its a head damage and it can only make recovery of this drive harder if kept on for a while. How you may ask? heads could click due to collision with platter at some point, head sliders could have scrapped the platters and become rough. Running your drive in this condition could lead to serious platter damage and minimum chances of recovery.

If your drive does not click and spin down - it could be several problems that are so common along Scorpio hard drives with USB connection. But unfortunately there is no simple push-button-fix for this either. Your drive should be checked by specialist if your data is anything near valuable. If the drive is not showing up in disk manager it is not possible for any software that you can download to recover anything off the drive. Software can not fix what is not even mounting. Check Google for local reputable hard drive recovery lab in your area, most of them offer free evaluations for recovery. And in future keep 2 copies of your stuff on at least 2 separate storage devices at all times. I am all up for DIY type of help if I feel like my advice could be taken and turned into successful recovery attempt, but trust me after almost 10 years in hard drive recovery business, drives that do not mount in disk manager should not be messed with.

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thank you so much… hmmm… i shall go to the nearest professional support around my area this evening. Thanks for the suggestion. Even its a bad news but thanks anyway. :smiley: