My WD My Passport 1TB 2.5 USB3.0 & 2.0 can't use in Win10 aniversary

I got some problem when I update win10 to win10 aniversary I can’t connect external HDD. External HD drive shows in window explorer but when i double click drive show drive… is not accessible. The request is not support. I try to change the computer to connect. I found that coumputer win10 anniversary got same problem but win 10 7 8.1 can use this drive mac also. How i solve this problem.

I guess we would need to wait for an update to be rolled out by Windows. This issue is not from WD side, as Many Sony users have also reported this issue. Either You can roll back the update. or use Linux or Windows 7 from other setup. You can also create bootable live USB for Ubuntu and use it.

I have the same problem with My Passport Ultra 1TB after updating to Win10 Anniversary. If I try to access the drive, it locks up my PC. The only way I can access my files on the Ultra is to plug it in to my old Win 7 computer. I’ve had to buy a Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB which works great with my Win10 PC. I didn’t understand Atiyab’s suggestion of creating bootable live USB for Ubuntu. Any info on getting my WD drive to work with my Win10 PC would be appreciated.