My WD My Book External drive will not mount on the computer desktop

I realized that the WD MyBook I bought was FAT 32 so I reformatted it to the setting for my iMac. It used to mount but recently it won’t mount on the desktop at all. I’ve tried the drive power button suggestion and it worked once but now it won’t.

I’m using an iMac OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion).


First test the physical connections on the drive. Make sure that the power adapter is connected directly to the wall outlet and try using a different USB cable if possible.

Thanks ERmore, I’ve done all your suggestions and I check these regularly. I know the problem is not these physical connections because it does mount EVENTUALLY just takes an EXTREMELY LONG TIME. It’s on my desktop right now and I’m transferring files to it, so it seems to be just one of those things with this particular drive.