My WD My Book Elite 1 Tb Is Locked And Won't Unlock

So I opened the “Computer” and right clicked “My Book” (F Drive) selected share with, then Advanced Sharing. Under “Sharing” Tab, under Network File and Folder Sharing. It say this as following:


Not Shared

Network Path:

Not Shared

 Share…          <<<------ This is a button

I used the Share button it was highlighted and is no longer. I Clicked it when it was highlighted, I think I got rid of the Group Sharing. When I restarted my computer it asked for my password i unlocked then it acted as if it was locked, it won’t allow me to acces the drive. In that i can’t doing setting modifications to the drive.

Thank you for trying help me and i am open to a Remote Desktop for further help in this matter if it stumps you. Thank you once agian.

Hi, but can you access and explore the my book?