MY WD My Book Backed up MY Pics to .swm files

Have a laptop in infinite repair loop. So plugged WD My Book in and used the software to back-up
My Pics, My Docs, etc. When finished, I moved the My Book to another pc to verify the backup files.
Well, all I see is .swm files backed up. I wanted to back all of those pics in .jpg and just keep them on My Book.
Instead Google said that .swm files are only for restoring to a pc.

Does that mean I can’t open these .swm files in someway to view them on “My Book?” Or to just park them there and store them? Under Q & A there was a similar question and the reply was, “What program did you use to back the pics up in?” Well, I used the WD Back-up program. I didn’t see any option on which program to use to back up My Pics.

Tell me there is a way to open and view all of these .swm files and simply keep them stored on My Book.

It does not seem the backup was performed using WD SmartWare, which is the application provided by Western Digital. If you have multiple backup applications installed on your computer they may use your WD My Book over WD SmarWare.

WD SmartWare will copy files and store them as regular files inside a regular folder with the extension SWSTOR within your WD My Book or WD Passport. Any other file structure is not related to WD SmartWare.

It would be best to confirm the name of the program used to create the backup in question, as it will be needed in order to recover it.

Thank you for your reply. Since the pc with the files that I wanted to save/back-up to MY Book is is in an infinite repair loop, I may have used the wrong program to back-up the files. I will take a closer look and try My Book back-up again.