My WD Live hub is garbage

I have had this device since last decemeber and it has been nothing but disaster.

  1. It will not stay connected to my network to stream media from the computers to the hub, it constantly loses connection and cannot find the network. This is absolutely the most frustrating thing that I have to put up with. This is a frequent occurance. I have all the settings on the computers and the hub correct. I should know, I am an electrical engineer that has worked in IT for years.

  2. It constantly freezes during operations and must be hard reset. It happens all the time with netflix and also during movies. Hard resets are for poorly made products. period.

I don’t understand how WD can stand behind such a poorly made product. Not to mention, the absolute horrid customer support. 

/end rant

 I should know, I am an electrical engineer that has worked in IT for years.

Oh, puhleeze.   If you knew as much as you think, it’d work perfectly on your net, like mine does.  :smileyvery-happy:

First of all, you posted your rant in the wrong forum; this is for WD Live PLUS users – there is a separate forum for HUB users.  Secondly, you did not give any useful information – e.g. that you are connecting the HUB wirelessly vs. wired (just in case you had wanted some help).

So, I’m not going to say to you, that if you are connecting wirelessly, that being connected via ethernet wires is best if you want a trouble-free connection.  I’m also not going to tell you that, likeTony’s unit, mine works perfectly for the year I have had it.  Sure, my unit is a PLUS, but they are basically the same except I get to select the type and brand hard drive I want to use with my WDTV, and if the hard drive breaks, I don’t have to toss out a working media player along with a broken hard drive.

You ought to check into the HUB forum with your problem, and here’s a tip:  Skip the rant and ask nicely for some assistance if that is what you want.

It never ceases to amuse me how many self proclaimed experts rant about a piece of equipment being defective when it is their ineptitude which is at fault. The Sigma chip used in the WDTV Live, WDTV Hub, etc are manufactured by the millions. There are no technical reports of the Sigma chip malfunctioning. 

Repeated from:

There are no technical issues associated with the WDTV Live networking. I can stream a virgin rip bluray from a computer networked to a hub then through two switches to the WDTV Live without any video streaming issues.

I can also attach a USB drive to the WDTV Live, watch a virgin rip bluray on the plasma TV and stream a video from the WDTV Live to the computer and watch that video on the computer simultaneously with the plasma TV without both video streams stuttering.

panoguy- well that sounds great and all, but it has nothing to do with the network. My job is to set up high-end theater systems with , I don’t think you can tell me about the versatility of networks. But thanks for trying!

What I am experiencing is a problem with the device itself, I don’t know if google has the links backwards, but I was direct towards the live hub forum. I would think, that since I am considered a “preferred partner” that WD would give me something other than complete **bleep** service.

Thanks for your responses. 

Clearly WD made a simple mistake.  (…calling you ‘preferred’ anything)