My WD isn't working anymore; Problem in RAID!

I tried to both HHD in my external ( 6 Tera ) into my Desktop, & connected them via PCI Express,
After a couple of restart i figure that it wan’t work now, maybe i did something wrong, so i decided
to but both HDD back into the external unit to use them!
But it didn’t work as well, i did the WD Device Diagnosis & it pass the physical test.

But still there is no harddisk in my computer! Please HELP?!
PS: Both HHD are connected via RAID & shown in My Computer as One HDD.

If you connect one of the hard drives using the SATA ports, do you get any problems?


i have changd the sata ports into two motherboard sata ports, i got the picture:-

& NO i didn’t have any problems!

How to link them & make them appear as one disk?

one more thing: is my data recoverable or not?
it’s O.K. if i have to put them back inside their external unit.