My WD Hub got slow

Whenever I exit a movie, either by pressing on the back button or the stop button, it takes a long time to go back to the previous menu. And I mean a LONG time; and, as far as I remember, it didn’t use to take so long to go back to a previous movie when exiting!

Am I the only one? What could be causing this or how can I fix it? I already cleared the Media Library and even erased the wd folder and it didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Well, c’mon now, throw us a bone.

What’s a LONG TIME?   2 seconds?  2 Minutes?   … longer?

Sure, for me, it occasionally takes 3 or 4 seconds for the menu to come back…

Ok, I just timed it with a stopwatch; it takes 7 seconds and I did it multiple times just to be sure.

Yeah, I just timed a few, myself…   It seems like the larger the file, the longer the start AND stop…   I didn’t have that issue with low-bitrate MKVs, but it took my Iron Man Blu-ray M2TS rip about 6 or 7 seconds…  

And I’m using Gallery mode.   It’s a tad quicker in the other views…

Also, why did it get so slow all of the sudden? It wasn’t always like this, that’s odd, isn’t it?

Bump!! Also, I just tried it with another WD TV Live Hub and it doesn’t take nearly as much as mine does; any ideas on what could be causing this?

The only difference between both devices is that mine has an internet connection (wired) while the other one doesn’t.

It’s doing a lot of things when stopping a movie:

   Updating the RESUME POINT table

   Flushing Network buffers 

  … etc.

Which FW version are you using?

I just upgraded to the new FW and it appears to be faster now. I’ll keep checking, though, to see if it’s working fine now.