My WD HDD is corrupted

Dear all

I purchased a new 1 TB WD Elements HDD and found corrupted. When I check its properties it shows type-“RAW”, Used Space -“0” , free space-“0”. I tried everything ( normal format, command prompt format, disk management) to convert RAW to NFST but nothing worked for me. Is there a way to make my HDD usable??



Re-formatting within your system should be enough. Do you encounter an error message when you try to re-format your unit?

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Try downloading Digital Life Guard from WD and format the drive by writing zeroes. Sometimes that fixes bad sectors.


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Thanks all

@JSTAFF : I can’t re-format because an error message says so.

@Joe_S : I ran WD data lifeguard dignostics and the results were negative.

Quick scan - failed (too many bad sectors)

Extended scan - failed

Write zeros - sector 0-256/256-512/512-768 - write error

Anything can be done further??

Thanks again for your help


Unfortunately, the test results with Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostics for Microsoft Windows indicate this device is not working properly, and should be replaced under warranty for free. Please visit the following link for additional information:

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