My WD HD TV Media Player shows" Data cannot aggregate"

Recently, when I connected my WD External Hard Driver-Essential Edition 2.0/750GB with my WD HD TV media player, in the top menua, the player shows “Data cannot aggregate” in red. However, the player still can read parts of the hard driver’s data, still can play some videos. Also the top menua only shows one choice for playing video-“Folder”. But when choosing the option, going to next level menua, it shows some folders correct, some folders’s name scrambled, and shows “Empty” if that folder was accessed.

The funny thing is that the player shows different numbers of the folders in the hard driver if they were turned off and on again, sometimes 33 folders, sometimes 128, etc.

The two devices are all WD’s products. Please help with this problem! Thank you very much!


I had the same problem yesterday with my 1 TB HD. I could access my Movie Genres ok

but like yours the “data would not aggregate” to produce a single list of movies.

To fix this I removed the hard drive from WD (first pressing the eject button at the bottom right had corner of the hand set so you can safely remove it) and then attached the HD to my computer usb drive. At this point a Windows 7 message popped up saying something like 'your disk is damaged and do you want windows to fix it - I of course said YES (please do :slight_smile: . So windows repaired the HD. I then plugged it back into WD and everything was perfect again.

Your most likely aware (but in case your not) when you disconnect an external HD you must do it SAFELY from both your computer and WD - otherwise this sort of thing happens and you can damage your data. As mentioned, you do that with the WD handset ‘eject’ button’ . For Windows there should be a button in your taskbar asking if you want to ‘safely remove hardware and eject media’. Just click on the button to see your options.

Unfortunately it shows mine as part of the desktop so I cant safely remove it so I just remove it anyway, what else am I going to do, but thats another story. I hope I’ve pointed you in the right direction. Dave  

Thanks a lot there!

However, I tried a lot of times, but I am stilll not able to fix. One this is different from yours is that my PC’s OS is Windows XP.

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