My WD External Hard Drive ' My Passport 0740' cannot be detected by any PC


I have a WD external hardrive and Its 1terabit big… I don’t know why my laptop can’t recognise it, it keeps asking for a format and when I finally performed a quick format it still didnt solve the problem. When I connect it, it shows as Local disk E:   instead of My Passport 0740.

It hasnt been partitioned so i guess whatever is wrong with it has affected everything I have on it.

I really need help with this problem.

I cant open it and am fraustrated! please help…

Usually when Windows recognizes that some or all of your files are corrupted it will recommend for you to format the hard drive, doing this will delete any files that you have saved. To change the name of the Passport, from the My Computer/Computer window you can right click on the “Local disk E” and select the ‘rename’ option. If you need to recover your information don’t save any new files to the Passport, with the help of Google you can find several data recovery programs you can use to scan the Passport and recover most of your files.