My WD Essential wont play movies when connected to my TV

Hey Guys,

When I initially bought my WD Essential my friend added some movies through his PC,(which i could watch on my TV when connecting the external through USB) but he formated the drive to only be used through a PC while I had a Mac.

So I searched online how to re-format the drive and I reformatted the drive to be used for Mac & PC, but now when I added the movie folders back onto the drive they are not found by my TV’s media player like they were before I reformatted my external.

I have no problems opening the files when they are connected to my Macbook Pro but when i connect the external to my tv and go to ‘videos’ on the media player the TV says “there are no files in this folder”.

If someoen can plase help me and tell me what im doing wrong I’d really appreciate it.


can i plz ask what format u used to format it to work on both PC and Mac. Thank you…and srry i couldnt help. God Bless


You need to format your drive as Fat 32 file system, most of the TV’s and DVD only read Fat 32.

If it was working while formatted for PC (NTFS) and now that it is formatted for both Mac & PC (FAT32 -or- exFAT) the drive no longer works on the Media Player, could it be that your media player does not support FAT32/exFAT?

That’s what I would check first…