My WD Elements did not recognized

Hey there!

I’m new at the WD Community forums and I have a problem with one of my external hard drives.

I used it on the Acer Aspire E1-410 computer (1.86 GHz Intel ® Celeron ® CPU N2920 processor w/Windows 8.1 Pro and the drive worked for a few months.

Now when i used it, it show Local D. cannot recognized.

The part number found on the back of the 1 TB WD Elements portable hard drive is WDBUZG0010BBK-01.

The portable drive now does not work at all when I connect to any of the USB ports on my new computer, nor that I can connect it on any other computers that have a USB 2.0 port. At one time, using a different USB 3.0 port even caused a USB power surge on one of the USB ports on my machine.

Is there any way how this can be fixed? :cry:

Data inside is very important to me.

Thank you for your time.

That last comment suggest perhaps a load issue with it’s internal power supply, if it has one or the drive motor could have a shorted winding in it basically putting a short across it’s power input from the USB port. Can you hear the unit spin? Does it run hot? If so I’d suggest you take it to a computer shop and see if they can retrieve your data. But let them know what it did to that port. You could measure across the power input pins with a DVM and measure the resistance but it would be nice to know what it should be. The shop would most likely use a known good unit and compare them and/or a current limited power supply to see what it draws in amps compaired to the units specs. Once thts done they still could have the means to retrive the files.

Good luck

I have the same problem with windows 8.1

the computer makes a sound when I input/output the usb in the machine but the computer does not recognizes the hard disk on the screen.

can you help me ?

It does word with other computers (vista…)