My WD elements 1042 not working on USB2 ports

Dear all,
I have a problem with my 1TB USB3 hard disk, it was working fine and suddenly it stopped working on any USB2 port, I have tried many computers with USB2 but it fails to install drivers. it works perfectly with USB3 ports.
also, I was using it on my smart tv, but now it does not work.

any idea???

P/N : WDBPCK0010BBK-01

Have you changed the USB cable? Sounds like an issue with a broken cable.

yes I did that, I tried 3 different cables from working hard disks , and I also tried my cable on a working hard disk and seems to be fine

So, problem solved now?

no i mean my cable works with different hard disk . cable is fine not hard disk …

OK, this way round …
Then you should better contact our Support.