My WD Element 500go doesn't work on my TV

Hello guys,

Sorry in advance for my bad english. I have a WD elements drive which works properly even on my TV I’ve decided to buy a second one (exactly the same) but unfortunately this one doesn’t work on my tv and I don’t know why …

My TV says that the usb is empty and why i plug the drive into the TV the folder is not opening.

Could you please help me?

Thank you!

I’d recommend double-checking the configuration of the new unit. It could be formatted differently.

They are exactely the same in their configuration. Both are formated in NTFS. I have try many things but the second driver is still unrecognized by the tv. ( the first one works on every tv i’ve tested, the second doesn’t ) =(

Maybe your drive is in GPT partition and should be in MBR. You can change this from the disk management in windows or formatting the drive with Quick Formatter.

Omagad thank you ! I used Quick formater and now my drive is recognized by my TV.

Thank you so much ! =D