****My WD does not work*Urgent**Please help

My WD Passport Ultra P/N - WDBGPU0010BBK & S/N - WX11A768SJ5S is not working from few days. I see the light is ON but NOT recognized by my PC suddenly. I don’t see the WD icon on my device manager under portable devices. The light starts flickering very slowly after few hours , my first WD had similar issue after few months and I had exchanged this device with a new one through RMA.
I see this issue again with the new device, I tried uninstalling and re-installing hardware under Device management
If I have to change the USB cable should I buy a new one from WD ?it has a unique WD pin overall pathetic experience wit WD devices

Cable was a issue its working when I straighten the USB cable, how to replace this ?

There’s nothing at all unique about WD’s USB cable. It’s an ordinary USB 3.0 cable; Micro-B at one end and ordinary A at the other.