My wd digital drive was acting weird

Ok I was using my pc and all of a sudden my pc froze and I had to restart.  Then I downloaded data life guard diagnostic. I ran quick and extended test, both came back passed.  Then I think I ran a second or third time, it read failed. Then I wasn’t able to read it a while.  I think like after restart, I quick test and the return came back passed. But I wasn’t able to access it.

Then I scanned with the seagate quick test and read passed .then I was able to access the disk.

Is it normal to be inaccessable after a dlgd scan?  I just want to make sure the diagonistic tool was working right and there is no cause for concern.

This is kinda confusing.

Hi no that is not normal . Try a copy of Hard Disk Sentinel and see what it has to report, check the smart data also.

man you need to buy that otherwise a lot of features are disabled.

dlgd is free.