My wd cloud ex2 ultra is dead after upgrade from os 3 to os 5

Hello my wd cloud ex2 ultra is dead and after starts blue led is flashing and never stop.
How this happen:
I decided to upgrade it because i wasn’t able to access to my files from internet :imp:
OS 3 doesn’t support this functionality anymore.
I installed the newest firmware My Cloud OS 3, Version: Firmware Release 2.42.115 (1/18/2022). When I tried to install it automatically it didn’t work. Download didn’t begin. So I downloaded firmware manually and made the upgrade via file select. This process seems to fail because during the upgrade the number next to % disappeared. I waited 5 minutes and the NAS was automatically rebooted with new firmware. It was strange but it was successful.

Finally I sowed in my dashboard tile when it was possible to upgrade to OS 5.
I clicked on this. Then next next … and error appeared … I wasn’t able to upgrade my NAS via tile.
So i decided to manually download : Cloud OS 5 version: Firmware Release 5.23.114 (7/21/2022) from official web page:

I uploaded firmware (5.23.114) to NAS manually via file select, everything seemed ok, but after upload and restart … NAS is not able to start… blue led is flashing in a never ending loop.
I tried soft and hard reset, but it did not help. Luckily I did copy my data on another disc before firmware upgrade.
Can I save my NAS? …i s it possible to upgrade via USB port?

Hi @Milan1,

Please refer to the article My Cloud: Blinking White, Blue or Solid Amber Power LED:My Cloud: Blinking White, Blue or Solid Amber Power LED