My WD Cloud does not work after 2 days OFF

Hello everyone.

A few months ago I bought a WD Cloud 6TB and everything was fine. Two weeks ago I moved to a new apartment and connecting the WD Clould 6TB does not work.
I connected it two days after moving, before I had Comcast as an internet provider, and now I have AT&T. When I turn on the WD Cloud 6TB, the first 5 seconds is a blue light flashing, then it changes to red and it flashes quickly.

I treat my WD Cloud like a princess because I have important files saved. I do not think it was a hit, anyway, I can not access the Dashboard, does it appear on the router’s network neither.
I already tried to do the soft rest of 4 seconds and the hard reset of 40+ seconds, but everything is the same, it never reboot.

If the HDD was damaged, can I still enter the Dashboard or not?


@Yasmani You need to use the search icon at the top of the page to find discussions about AT&T and how you will probably need to set your My Cloud up.

Relax about your My Cloud. It is an ATT issue, and MANY have complained about it here, so you will likely find your solution in a helpful post. Like you had, I also have Comcast and never have had an issue.

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You also need to back up any important files. Any HDD can fail, at any time.

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Known issue. WD has a Knowledgebase article explaining the problem and workaround for users who’s My Cloud isn’t working properly with certain routers like those used by AT&T. The workaround is to put a switch between the My Cloud and the ATT router.

If one needs immediate access to the My Cloud they can try connecting the My Cloud directly to a computer’s wired networking port for local access.

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@mike27oct I really don’t like AT&T, I was tech Comcast for 2 years, the service, and the equipment are a lot better. The building I move on, they have contract with AT&T, I have no choice.

@cpt_paranoia Switch to Comcast if you can, for my like a Tech is better service and you going to paid less. Just make sure you have all cables new including the underground/ or from the post.

@Bennor Last night I was looking in other forums and supposedly this is the solution. Today after work I will buy one and let you know if it works or not.

I’m not in the US, so I don’t have Comcast or AT&T as choices.

I simply posted the known solution to your known problem.

@mike27oct @cpt_paranoia @Bennor @cat0w @ST_MULLER

I have updates of my situation. I already tested with 5PORT GIGABIT SWITCH between the ATT&T modem and the WD Cloud. It remains the same, the red light continues blinking and does not change to blue. I do not know whether to think if it is the hard drive, if the hard drive is damaged can you still enter the Dashboard?

The equipment makes a small noise when starting. It makes a sound like when you rewind a cassette the old ones and then make another noise and repeat the first noise and then the other as a cycle as if trying to start. I uploaded a video to YouTube, any help is appreciated, I really do not care about the equipment, I am happy that I can take a copy of my file.

Youtube Video Link

Typically no since the firmware is stored on the hard drive.

One option is to remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure and connect it to a PC (using either a spare SATA port on the PC or a SATA to USB adapter) and see if that PC can read the hard drive. Note that the My Cloud hard drive is formatted for Linux so if you are using Windows you will need to use a third party software/driver to read the Linux partitions.

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I think I have no choice. I read the full post and I collected a lot of information. I’ll do it in a different way than he. I have a computer that I do not use and it will connect the HDD and run Linux from a DVD in portable form. I hope I can access the files because I’m a bit worried about the noise the HDD is making.

In case I can access the HDD and recover the files, what you recommend to prevent this problem again. What type of equipment can I buy or you recommend?

Thanks a lot for you time and help :+1:t2:

Hard drives can and do fail. The solution is to have one or more backups of important data. The My Cloud does offer a backup method using a USB hard drive attached to the back of the My Cloud enclosure and using either Safepoint (first gen v4.x) or Backup (second gen v2.x) on the My Cloud Dashboard. See the My Cloud User Manual ( for more information on Safepoint/Backup, typically Chapter 10 in the User Manual. Further one can use third party programs or Rsync to copy the data from the My Cloud to another location. For example I use Free File Sync to backup several folders on a My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to a separate computer in addition to using Safepoint on that My Cloud to backup to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud enclosure.

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Thanks for all the information of how to prevent this type of problem. Well, a moment ago I did what I said before and I could have access to the HDD from Linux, all the files were there and the HDD does not make any noise like before. But when I put it back, it makes the strange noise again that I show in the video. So far, I know that all files are safe :sweat_smile:

What can I do now? Do you think is an internet problem? I’m very confused I do not know what to do. I plan to buy My Cloud EX2 Ultra with 0TB and use the 6TB and see if work. Later I can buy another 6TB and used as mirror.

If you have the storage space you may want to backup that hard drive when you have it connected to Linux just in case the hard drive is going bad.

But it sounds like there is a problem with the backplane the My Cloud hard drive connects too. Or perhaps there is a problem with the power supply not providing enough power to the My Cloud. You may want to contact WD Support directly (this is mostly a user to user support forum) and see what they suggest. It could be something as simple as getting a new power supply.

Note that if you put the current My Cloud hard drive into a My Cloud multi bay unit like the EX2 Ultra you will probably have to format that drive to work within the multi bay unit. the single bay firmware generally isn’t companionable with the multi bay My cloud units.

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That was the problem, I know, kill me if you want, you can do it. The problem started when I was renting a new apartment, so I focused on the ATT&T. I was using the Soundbar power cable, when I changed it it started to work, I put it together again and until now everything works fine.

I’m so sorry, I was so distracted and so stupid. I really appreciate everything you did and others did to help me that in the end we came up with the problem that was so simple. Count with me for whatever you need.