My WD book 1tb sometimes blocks

i got a WD My Book Home 1 TB from few months it blocks continually when i use it…es. when i copy something the Hard disk block it is like it goes stand by. also when i browse it sometimes it blocks

please someone can help me??

if what you mean by “blocks” is that it stalls, hangs or kinda’ freezes… then I have the same problem. Unfortunately I bought two MyBook Essential drives last week and both are acting the same way whether I attach them to an old G4 iBook, a G5 PowerMac or my intel Mac…

They’re unusable. I updated the firmware and the software…even though I didn’t want to install anything just to use a hard drive, but I was hoping it would solve the problem. It didn’t.

I have been using WD drives for years and own many different models and up until now I was very pleased. After spending hours trying to get these brand new drives to function properly I’ve given up. Either these were a faulty bunch or these new MyBooks have serious technical flaws.

I’m sorry that I have to throw out two brand new drives… and I’m sorry that I won’t be buying any WD drives for a very long time.

BTW: Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Lepard 10.5.8

I’ll also mention that I reformatted both drives to HFS+ Journaled

:cry:  I have the same problem…I was wishing that someone have a solution for this big mass

please help us

Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this?  You can contact them by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

:smiley:Thanks Bill…I keep reading the forum and I fund that WD have a new firmware…then a download

and it work!..well for this time …anything looks and work fine

This sounds exactly like the problem that I have been having with my world books - long pauses of inactivity. I used the WD_MB_Home_1034_1_03.exe program to update my firmware, although WD Lifeguard Diagnostics reports the firmware as 01.01A01. Can somebody point out the location of the new firmware updater ? I can’t seem to find it.