My WD Blue 2TB 'chirps'. Should I send it back.

Hi there,

I bought a new 2TB WD blue 3.5" internal drive last July.
And for a while now, it’s been ‘chirping’ at me fairly often during the day.
I’ve had a look at the drive using Crystal Disk Info & it shows the drive as green, but I don’t think a good drive should be chirping at me :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s a sign the the drive is on it’s way out?
Should I try to return it before my year’s warranty runs out?

Thanks in advance


Please refer to the following KBA article:


I found a youtube vid of what my drive sounds like:


I will have a go at changing cables around to see if that helps in the meantime.

Hmm, maybe.
I’m currently recording to that drive and its 'chirping every 8 seconds, so it doesn’t seem to like it when I use it a lot - that can’t be a good thing right?

After I posted last night, I realised that not only was Plex recording 3 things onto the drive, but that there was a full virus scan in progress, that happened to still be on that drive.
Now, it doesn’t have a million things accessing it at the same time, the chirping is back to every 30 odd seconds.
So, it seems that it’s something that happens when the drive is accessed?
I haven’t had a chance to monkey about with the sata & power cable yet. But I’m not sure if they would even make a difference.

Well, I accidentally touched my hdd yesterday whilst putting my ear to each other ear to make sure I knew where the chirping came from.
Definitely the drive I thought, but it started throwing out disk errors.
So I’ve replaced both the power & sata cables, and made sure I plugged the data into another port on my printer sata board.
So far do good, but I’m gonna keep an ear out for a while.