My WD 3.0 USB not recognize by Win 7 Ultimate

My PC able to see the device as a drive map in the My computer and in the Device Manager, once double click the storage nothing shows in and if so I wont be able to copy from/to. this problem facing only on my PC windows 7 Ultimate, but no issue on my Laptop Windows XP. Also note that I have recently update the windows drivers from Microsoft.

Are you sure the drive is no locked or in need of a drive letter on disk management?

I have the same problem as the TS…the device shows on the device manager, but i cant see it on explorer…how can i access disc management? I’m also using Win7 Ultimate…the device drivers installed fine but i cant see the device on explorer…

Look in Computer Management down where the bars are shown. Does the drive show there and does it have a drive letter and is it online? Does it say anthing there like Raw?


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