My WD 1TB Passport does not show up in my MacBook Pro after 15 months of no problems

Good afternoon - working today on a few items and noticed that my passport is not visible in devices of my Macbook pro after no issues for the last 15 months.  Funny when I went to see “about this mac” I could see my passport there under storage.

I had a major back and restore with my Mac over the Thanksgiving holiday. All my data is there but I have to get to it through applications.

I am extremely nervous  - I just initiated a back up via Time Machine but I am backing to something I cannot see… here are the detes:

MacBook Pro - Mid 2010 running OS Yosemite 10.10.1

my WD passport WDBBEP0010BSL-03

Any help to help me see it in Finder would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the Community.

Have you tried changing the USB cable? Is the hard drive detected in other Mac computers? Do you feel vibration upon touch?