My Wall of Camouflage Cloud Servers 24TB

Not exactly a wall of servers but having 6 devices on my bookshelf is a large number.

3x4TB My Clouds
3x4TB My Books for mirroring the clouds.

Do I need all this? Actually no. This has become a wiring nightmare and I would have preferred just a single 6TB My Cloud and a single 6TB My Book; however what is done is done, I couldn’t resist the cheap Clouds that everyone was selling. I’ll try to do a little Cloud testing on the last set of Cloud and My Book that I bought.

Just thought I post up to show off how deeply committed I am to the Cloud :stuck_out_tongue:

here is a photo of after applying the camouflage.

and the drives have actual book covers torn out from actual books…


You could do with camouflaging the sockets and the wires? :slight_smile:

You need better cable management :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I may have a 4TB mycloud and mybook to sell. #frustrated

fine fine…

I moved the power bar as low as I can go due to the length of the power cable (although I could have placed them all cluster together so that the plugs could sit on the floor of which I did not think about that possibility till now :stuck_out_tongue: next time!!)

anyways? better?


Don’t tempt him…

Start a thread about your woes; we may be able to fix them.


understandable… as cpt says… post up your woes so we the users can fix them.

Doubt I want to buy another one… although 4x4tb makes a nice 16TB raid 5 server!!

Cool good effort. :slight_smile:

What you could do is build a wooden box without bottom and back to conceal the sockets and then to each side of the book case like a conduit. The conduit on the left would be empty and the on the right with the wires. On top of the box where the sockets would be hidden, you could put a picture on top of it, maybe a lamp or a plant? :smiley:

if you build it, they will come and look… (it is a cereal box with adhesive coverings).

ugly…but will suffice until I redo it again… next week…

Cool. It’s looking better. :smile:

Buy two 5A 12V power sources and connect all WDMC to it.
Camouflage it too (stick together few book’s covers)
Hide all cables (USB Wi-Fi?)

Or buy one PC, camouflage it and put all HDD’s to it :stuck_out_tongue:

You idea has merit!!

I was thinking of buying one QNap TS-431 and stripping all 3x4TB Red from the clouds and using the 3 drives to create a 12TB raid 5 giving 8TB usable. The 3x4TB My books can attached to the ANap as external drives given me a powerhouse server that can sit in the closet. It won’t look as good, but it will certainly function a million times better. :stuck_out_tongue: