My video file recognized as music?

I just got my MyCloud.
uploaded my video files with extension m4v or mp4.
Weird thing is some of the video shows correctly in shared video folder, but half of video file with same extension (which was encoded with same encoding program) moved into music folder.

I think this is why even I tried to force play the file on my DLNA enabled TV I get error message saying file not supported.
I tried to remove the file and re-added but still goes into music folder.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

The files are not going into the Public Shared Music folder unless you copy them there. What is happening is the Twonky Media Server is incorrectly categorizing the file as a music file most likely because of either the way the file was encoded or possibly due to metadata contained within the media file.

I’ve have this happen from time to time with some MP4 video files downloaded from the Internet. The solution was to reencode the video file (I use Handbake) and then Twonky put the file into the proper category and the DLNA client saw it as a video file rather than an audio file.

Perhaps a rescan of the media database or rebuilding the My Cloud database would help before any recoding is done?

This might help you set up the media server better:

but weird thing is I use same encoding program to make video files but one gets recognized as video and one gets as audio file. What do I look for in metadata if it can be edited?

I tried that already but no luck.

I don’t think you need to “edit” anything until you let the My Cloud try to straighten things out by:

Go into Dashboard, go into its Settings/Media and the DLNA Database control buttons. First try Rescan, and if that doesn’t fix things click on Rebuild. If these steps don’t make things better, let us know.

in Twonky server UI on web / advance / rescan <- this does not work.

But when I open up by typing ip address + 9000 in webpage and go to mycloud setup and rebuild index on media, all the video files now moves to video folder so it shows in my DLNA enabled TV.

It seems I keep have to rebuild everytime I add new video file to NAS as I am keep testing and see the video files keep indexed as music file.