My TV doesn’t work with the WDTV Live Plus

I just bought the WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player and updated the firmware to ver. 1.04.10_B.  It does not work on my Sharp LC-26SB24U TV.  When I plug the HDMI cable from the TV to the WDTV box, nothing happens.  I do not see the WD logo on the screen.  This WDTV unit is OK because it will work on my Samsung TV.  WD helpdesk just told me to check back for firmware updates.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Is there a resolution out there?  Thanks

It sounds like the WD box is feeding the Sharp a video resolution/frequency that the Sharp does not support. Try connecting the composite output of the WD box to the Sharp TV. Go into the WD video/audio setup and choose an HDMI resolution/frequency that your Sharp supports. Then switch back to the HDMI output of the WD box.