My Studio II - PC - Damaged RAID? Recovered some files but others missing - Help Anyone?


I inadvertently plugged my My Studio II 2TB into the eSATA interface whilst the sytem was powered up, disaster, Windows (on any PC) now no longers sees the striped array.

Using TestDisk i have located about 50% of the files and recovered them, ideally I would like to be able to restore the RAID config without losing the rest of the data.

Has anyone got any suggestions? The WD drive manager shows the system as intact but no access at all.

BTW, WD were as helpful as a chocolate fireguard…


Which RAID were you using?  If RAID 0, then yeah, you are looking at some work recovering data.  If you were using RAID 1 (Mirrored), then you might be able to pull a drive and put in your computer to see if you can read the data directly.