My Smart TV stop reproducing movie from My Cloud EX2 Ultra


Previously I have a WD My Cloud and my smart TV linked to a switch and it has been working for a long time, then I decided to buy a My Cloud EX2 8T, I’ve copied all the contents from my old DW my Cloud 2T to the new My Cloud EX2 8T and connect it to the same switch… When switching on the smart TV I can see the My Cloud EX2 8T, and I can start the reproduction of movies, but after some time reproducing the Movies the connection between the smart TV and the My Cloud EX2 8T is lost, and the TV shows the Icon of the My Cloud EX2…

is this familiar to the community? is it a configuration in the My Cloud EX2 8T that I need to change?

Thanks, Luis

Not sure which media server you are using to host the media, or if you are just streaming via SMB. If your SmartTV uses DLNA, I would make sure the Twonky DLNA server on the EX2 is turned on and running. Then I would check if the EX2 is going into standby mode after period of inactivity. If you are using Plex media sever, then Plex also has its own settings.

Contact the WD Support directly if you need further assistance.