My Shared Folders is Gone after Manually Rebuild

I have created a new folder in the cloud (My Cloud EX2 Ultra 6TB Raid 1). After the new folder is created, I noticed that all the folders are disappeared and show me the critical notification indicated that Drive Failed and Volume Degraded. (Drive 1 is dead)

After I replace and new drive and perform the manually rebuild, it only shows the latest folder that I have created earlier and other folders are gone.


Anyone have experienced this before? Is there any solution or advice to recover all the folders? The data inside is very important


Hi vilor_kw,

You can refer to the links mentioned below to order to resolve the issue with your drive.

Thanks for your reply john15,

The links that you provide doesn’t solve my issue but I have contacted the customer service and follow their instructions and my issue is solved.

This is the instruction that they give to me