My Setup Connection And Folder Structure

Excuse my ignorance if some of these questions are dumb but…my setup is such, connected to a Mac (snow leopard) wirelessly using Netgear Universal WiFi Internet Adapter, my wireless modem is old “g”.

1 Some videos play fine while others are choppy? Is that just the wireless connection at the moment if it is strong or not? I’m assuming if I upgrade to a wireless “N” modem it would be faster?

2 On the WD Live Plus when I go into the menu, say Photos, it’s pulling up all my shared folders? Same with Videos and Music. I don’t really mind but is there a better way to organize so that just photos come up in the photos directory?

3 On my mac I have a directory called “movies” but the WD doesn’t seem to recognize it, only if I share a folder within it? It appears to be shared right so not sure why the WD doesn’t see it?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and it seems like my photos, jpegs, dont seem to want to load? I get the blue WD spinning wheel and it seems to take forever?