My second laptop can't see mybook live

I may be misunderstanding what the livebook can do, but if I can run through my set up and hopefully someone will be so kind as to offer advice.

I have a 2TB Mybook Live connected to and installed suing my main desktop running 64b Vista - I have been using the mybook to rip my cds via Itunes - all of that works fine.

My questions iare these -

  1. I have a second laptop (running 32bit  Windowa 7). I expected the mybook to show up in the available drives on this in the same way as the main pc - so I can browse the files/pics etc but it does not show up. It does show as a shared folder in itunes on the laptop and the music can be played (but with no artwork?) - can my laptop pick up this drive in the same way as the main pc?

  2. Does my main pc always have to be on for Ipad etc to pick up the files or music - I thought as part of a network the drive would be visible on it’s own, provided the devices are connected to the same broadband network.

Sorry if I’m being a bit think on this - haven’t used them before - but any advice would be much appreciated.


  1.  Yes, your second PC should be able to access the MBL just as the first does, provided both PCs are similarly configured in the network sharing options.

  2.  Yes, the main PC needs to be on.   That’s the way iTunes server works.