My Screen Resolution / Aspect Ratio is wrong


I just purchased a WD TV Live Hub and hooked it up to my Insignia tv via the HDMI cable.

For some reason, it does not display the aspect ratio correctly.  It looks like it is in “Normal” mode, versus “Widescreen” mode - even though the video setup says it is in widescreen mode.

When I reset the device through the menu, it appears as if it goes to widescreen when it boots up, but then “resets” back to the normal aspect ratio.   Every other device that I hook up to this TV works fine, except my WD TV Live Hub.

What can I do to fix this?  


EDIT:  I changed my “zoom” on my TV menu settings to “widescreen”, and that seemed to fix it.

Thank you for posting how you fixed this issue, it might help other users.