My SAFEPOINTS disappear

After successfully creating SAFEPOINTS on 2 drives, and updating them, they have now disappeared if I look for them using dashboard.
I can see the files MDPROT/WDSAFE/SAFEPOINT using file manager on my mac but if I connect them to my WD cloud and use dashboard to check them they are no longer there,
Also if I try to delete them using my mac to free up space, I get the message back “File cannot be deleted”
This is hopeless, I back up my cloud, which takes ages in creating an 800GB file, then find it disappears, then find I can’t free up the space it has consumed.
This product is awful. I’m spending/wasting so much time on it and it simply can’t be relied upon.

When you look for them in the Dashboard, and they’ve disappeared, have you checked the Share page to see if the external USB drive (I assume your using an external USB drive) Share name is listed?

If it is listed is it appended with a “_x” with “x” being a number?

If so this is a well known issue that cropped up in recent firmware that is easily fixed. The workaround is to eject the USB drive (using the USB icon in the Dashboard), then go to the Share page in the Dashboard and remove every Share name containing the USB drive name. Then reinsert the USB drive, then go to the Share page and rename the USB drive back to its origional name minus the “_x” numbering and Safepoint should find the previous Shafepoints on the USB drive.

There are several past threads discussing this duplicate Share name issue and Safepoint not working with the latest firmware update. Just a few past threads:

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Many Many … thanks Bennor.
Did as you instructed and works perfectly.
1 bug down , several to go.
Dont suppose you know why the date & time values seem so inconsistent?
If I try to set then manually they always go to previous day.
If I get an alert via email, the mail received time is always widely different to the timestamp in the alert.
How is one supposed to use auto update,which doesn’t seem to work anyway, to update at a given date & time.?
Cannot believe the lack of quality in this product, its seems they don’t do any validation testing before release and support desk is hopeless. Its not fit for purpose with these sort of bugs.

The date/time values is a goofy one that afflicts some people. For starters you may see two different sets of times depending on what your looking at in the Dashboard. For what ever reason (poor coding) certain screens or information, like the alert messages, within the Dashboard have a different time value.

Make sure to try some of the suggestions in your prior thread about the time issue.

It is possible there is some sort of weird issue where a certain time zone selection (and possibly when combined with the language selection) causes the time/date to be off in the Dashboard. If the user file dates are off or different when files are copied or updated on the My Cloud that may be a separate issue.

Edit to add: Does this time/date issue affect any other devices on the local network? Is the network router/gateway time, which typically also uses NTP, similarly affected?

Hi all

Update reported as successful on email alert but dashboard says still copying. Any ideas anyone see screen shots below

Your screenshots show two DIFFERENT Safepoint names; “SAFEPOINT_2” and “Safepoint_1”. Is there one Safepoint on the external USB drive or two.

Also you now have several posts/threads on this one particular issue, you may want to try and confine them to a single thread.