My Review, No HDMI Didn't these morons tested this product before releasing it to the public

So it works, but it does not work for hdmi. I wish i would of bought this at best buy instead of Ebay, i guess the seller knew what a piece of ■■■■ this product was, when I’m loading movies pictures and mp3, its very slow when its loading anything, its 50% slower than my PS3, I tested Braveheart I have it on dvd and blue ray on the WD media player, chapter skipping and fast forward its slower than my Ps3 video of bravehart, Xbox360, dvd version of Braveheart and BlueRay version of Braveheart. Also I rip 50 dvds all play fine no out of snyc videos, mkv give a few problems some does not have sound, I aiso have HD videos that i transfer from my camcorder using firewire convert to WMV everything plays perfect but viewing Photos is a pain a real pain.

Pro. It shows and play all my movies, that I rip from my dvds on my external with box cover images, HDMI support thats really cool thats why I bought it , composite cable still looks really good but would rather use my $30 monster HDMI cables its just there collecting dust.

Con. Got Scammed, by WD, the HDMI does not work, ok it works, it just does no produce sound just video, Tried it on 3 HD TV 2 different HDMI cables, Very Very Slow Browsing movies and mp3s anyone with a PS3 or Xbox 360 will notice that, and its gets really hot.

My setup. Toshiba 32 LCD HDTV, Xbox 360, PS3  WD HD Media Player,  Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB