My Replaced MyBook Essential Drive Dead in weeks! Wow

I simply cannot believe how terribly unreliable this item has been. This is the second time in months. I had just spent hours scanning old family photographs onto my new replacement drive before they had to go back out of town and days later my drive dies taking all of them, all of my software, etc, with it. I can’t believe the new replacement drive only lasted weeks.

Of course I go to the warranty page and the replacement drive I got is not under a limited warranty. So, I guess I am just totally scewed or will WD be honorable and replace this new faulty drive? I hope they will be. I just want it replaced one last time and I will just sell the new replacment and use the money to get a better internal drive.

Unlike the last drive that died, this one actually detects when plugged in. I can see it in the Device Manager saying it’s working properly. However, under My Computer it is not there at all. Tried two computers. Tried uninstalling an reinstalling the drivers. Tried disk management. It shows it as not intialized and clicking to initialize comes up with an I/O error.

I/o error means input output error, you might want to check if your comp’s port or the usb cable is broken.

This happens when the comps port is faulty or the drives usb cable is broken.

Also how do you eject your drive? Do you safely eject it first before physically disconnecting it?