My PS3 cannot locate MyWorldBoo​k after Firmware update


WD 2TB MyWorldBoo​k NAS.

Firmware Information         
            Description          NAS Firmware
            Version                01.02.12 with MioNet          
            Last Upgrade                      Sun, 06 Nov 2011 00:22:00         

Since the update, my PS3 cannot find any media servers (i only have the one above item).

I have disabled the media server settings within the PS3 and re-enabled it but no joy.

Any help would be much appriciated.


Try to reset it and make sure the PS3 and the MBW are under the same workgroup to narrow the network segment.

Issue resolved next time I used the PS3 it “find media servers” worked.

Perhaps just switching the router and hdd off resolved it after all.

Thanks for the reply