My Photos app on Android creates duplicate images

I have the auto upload feature enabled in the My Photos app on my Android phone and I find the same photo being uploaded multiple times, often 3 to 4 times. It apears that the app doesn’t keep track of which items have already been uploaded.

Furthermore, it makes no sense that one cannot pick the directory to which the photos are being uploaded to. Why does this need to be a random folder inside the Public share? What if I don’t want to ‘share’ these images with whoever else has access to the Public share? At least let me name the folder within the Public share. The Public share already comes with a ‘Shared Pictures’ folder for some reason. Why WD didn’t use that folder as the parent for the mobile uploads is beyond me. If someone could chime in, I’d appreciate that.

Hi, currently the WD app will only upload the pictures to the Public share, you can post your suggestion in the ideas boards for future updates. For the duplicate file problem, try rescanning the media library from the My Cloud dashboard.

Thanks, but how would rescanning the library, if I knew how to do this, eliminate the creation of multiple copies of the uploaded images? It appears to me that this has nothing to do with the storage device, but rather the Android app. Anyhow, since neither the DNLA Media Server is enabled, nor the Public share marked for media serving, I don’t see any buttons related to scanning of a media library. Please elaborate.


I’ve actually have the same problem and am searching on the internet for a solution. My WD Photo app repeatedly uploaded the same set of 15 photo around 10 times. I have no idea why, and 1 photo I took today was uploaded (backed up) 6 times… Did you manage to find a solution in the end?


I am having the exact same problem, very annoying!  Please help!

Hi all,

I noticed the last post was  a year ago, but I’m having the exact same problem. My photos get backed up as soon as they are taken because I have unlimited mobile data, and some photos I took yesterday were backed up 16 times!!! They appear in MyCloud as -




This is a massive bug which needs to be fixed. Can the WD team give us some support here please?