My pc sill not run both hard drives

I got a new pc it is a Omen and has a sold state hard drive I put my WD 1.5TB SATA / 64MB Cache WD 15EARS hard driveif I put it in the new pc it starts up on the WD 1.5 and does not show the sold state hard drive. How do I use both hard drives at the same time in my PC. I have had other pc that I had 2 hard drives in and no problem when you set the jump as slave. This hard drive you can not use a jumper on to do that from what I have read so how do I do this please?

your disk is 10 years old, chances are it is finished

The disk is SATA and it if does not work and if it is hooked up right then it has bit the dust

no the hard drive is good the problem was I put it in the new pc and it starts up not the hard drive on the new pc. But after running the pc on its hard drive than hooking up the other hard drive is all I needed to do now both hard drives are working like they should. I should have started it with out the other hard drive first than I would not have had the problem. Thanks for the reply

Maybe you should get a different disk and use the old machine to host the WD15EARS and copy it over the network to the new disk.