My pc dont regonize it

Hi i have a passport but now my xp don’t regonize it any more,

i used it on a mac fot putting files on it and after that my xp dont regonize it

plz help me

hi there

i had  the same problem just today

ive decided to send it back for replacement

if you learn about any other option please let me know



I have the same problem. I was using it with my MAC just stopped the other day, won’t work on my PC either, and I bought it in June and it says the warranty has passed. so much for the three years on the vox

I have same problem withmy Passport Essential.  Just suddenly stopped showing up as a hard drive even though I have to click “remove safely” before I unplug it.  Hardly got any use out of it. I have tried it on 2 other PCs and same result. Does anyone from WD ever read this forum?