My PC does not see MY PASSPORT 0740

I was moving a file into the drive and the device hung. I cancelled the move and, thereafter, I lost the drive. I rebooted my PC and plugged in my drive. The light the drive was flashing, but I cannot see my drive in the Windows Explorer.The drive is assigned a drive letter, but it does not have name or size. I clicked the drive icon the Windows explorer, but it does not open its just keep loading and sort of getting stuck. 

Please help!

The drive is probably corrupt, Testdisk migh fix it Or this one from EaseUS


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FWIW: I just had an installation where the computer wasn’t able to detect the Passport at all.  (Admittedly not exactly your case, where the computer had previously recognized your external drive.)  The culprit turned out to be the USB extension cable we were using, and the problem went away when we plugged the Passport directly into the computer.  If you’re using an extension or hub, might be worth a try before concluding that the drive is corrupt.